miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Toubou blade weapons

These daggers and swords are made by the teda racial group of the southern Sahara, also known as toubou. This people lives in the Tibesti mountains in northern Chad, and also in eastern Niger, southern Lybia and the southwest part of Egypt. 
They are said to be a very agressive people, behaviour which would include their women too. Also they are known to be ancestral enemies of the touareg people. These weapons were used in the past times by both men and women.

 Daggers for men and women have similar design, but women use smaller ones. The design of these daggers reminds somewhat of ancient roman daggers.

Swords have a straight blade with two edges, like the european swords. Similarly to daggers, the design of their handle reminds somewhat of the handle from roman swords. Below are shown an usual sword to hang on the waist, and a more inusual one, designed to be carried on the arm.

A weapon is not dangerous in itself; the danger lies in the mind of the possessor.
Do not let a weapon to reach the heart to kill.
Admire it only as an art object and let its history and culture to magnify and open your heart and mind.

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